17 Smart Baking Soda Tips For Garden & The Kitchen

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Photo by:bestplants.com

For many, baking soda is just an ordinary baking additive used in our most common recipes. But this miraculous powder really has loads of uses around the home. If you’re not familiar with the potential of a seemingly ordinary box of baking soda, then check out these baking soda tips for the kitchen and garden.

Our two favorite uses of baking soda in the kitchen is to sanitize your wood cutting board and to remove tough mineral deposits. This tip alone extends the life of our coffer maker and electric water heater.

For the garden, you can use baking soda reduce pesky bugs on your veggies and plants and to eliminate any compost pile odors. And did you know, adding a little baking soda to the soil of your tomato plants will sweeten your tomatoes?

How about these baking soda tips? Pretty clever, right? See the full list of cleaver uses for baking soda for the kitchen and garden at bestplants.com here…

17 Smart Baking Soda Tips For Garden & The Kitchen

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