16 Tips For Using Emergency Generators

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Many areas of the country that have severe weather are familiar with power outages. If the power is out in areas that are experiencing frigid cold, then a furnace will not be able to run and provide heat. This is something to consider if you own a home. The best way to ensure electricity is available when any type of outage occurs is to use emergency generators.

Buying emergency generators is not as easy as it may seem as there are various options to consider. An example is the items that you want to run in your home. The size of the generator you use dictates what you can power in your home. You need to research types of emergency generators to see if the rating of a particular unit will be sufficient for your home.

Running a generator is not as simple as starting the engine. You need to determine if you want to set up an in-home connection or use a set of extension cords with any emergency generators. The best type of extension cords to use are heavy-duty that are the proper length. If the cords you have are not a suitable length, then there is the potential for danger.

Emergency generators will produce fumes that you and others will not want to breathe. Make sure your generator is at least 10 feet away from a building to ensure all fumes are dispersed. You also are likely to have extra containers of fuel based on the model of your generator. This means you may want to have at least two if not three gas cans if you have a gasoline powered generator.

One important detail to realize if you lose power is you need to have fuel on hand. If you do not have any supply of gas for emergency generators, then you may be out of luck.

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16 Tips For Using Emergency Generators

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