16 Survival Uses For Pine Sap

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Photo by: survivalsherpa.wordpress.com

Do you have a lot of pine trees on your property or are in a nearby area? These trees contain sap that is perfect to use when survival is crucial. You may already be familiar with pine sap, but there are many uses for pine sap are not all that common.

The process to collect pine sap is not that hard, but can be really messy when you do it wrong. This is why you should remove hardened any sap first before trying to collect fresh sap. A knife is the only tool needed if you want to try out some of the uses for pine sap.

There are many uses for pine sap that are available. You may find some are more beneficial than others based on what you need or circumstances at the time. The best thing for you to do is research all the ways you can do use the pine sap you have collected.

A list of interesting uses for pine sap is available on survivalsherpa.wordpress.com here…

16 Survival Uses For Pine Sap

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