16 Best Fruit, Herb, And Vegetable Wine Recipes

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Do you grow a large variety of food in your garden and think some may make a great wine? You are in luck as you can make many great tasting wines from various fruits, and surprisingly even from some vegetables and herbs. So, wine lovers, take a look at some of the most unusual, yet delightful wine recipes.

1. Make a batch of wine from fresh strawberries.


photo by lovelygreens.com

2. Fresh apples picked from an apple tree can be used to make an apple wine.


photo by stacysrandomthoughts.com

3. A citrus kumquat wine tastes absolutely amazing.


photo by cravingcomfort.blogspot.co.uk

4. Do you have a surplus supply of raspberries to use to make a homemade wine.


photo by feralturtle.com

5. Do you know that you can make homemade wine from dandelions?


photo by thriftygardening.blogspot.it

6. Use some of your freshly picked rhubarb to make a homemade wine.


photo by andhereweare.net

7. An elderberry wine is a great tasting wine you can make at home.


photo by commonsensehome.com

8. Fresh blueberries can be used to make a tasty homemade wine.


photo by celebrationgeneration.com

9. Fresh apricots can be used to make a homemade wine.


photo by wikibooks.org

10. Blackberry wine is similar to an elderberry wine.

11. Make a homemade hibiscus wine.


photo by winemakingtalk.com

12. Peaches and Bananas can be used to make a delicious homemade wine.


photo by bensadventuresinwinemaking.blogspot.com

13. Make a homemade wine using fresh plums.


photo by andhereweare.net

14. Fresh oranges can be used to make more than just orange juice.


photo by bensadventuresinwinemaking.blogspot.com

15. Do you have any parsnips and prunes to use to make a homemade wine?


photo by bensadventuresinwinemaking.blogspot.com

16. Cherry wine is really tasty and not very hard to make at home.


photo by purplefootusa.com

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