15+ Uses For Tension Rods You Never Thought Of

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Photo by: apartmenttherapy.com

Do you have a shower curtain in your bathroom? If you do, then it is probably supported by a rod. This type of rod is called a tension rod and is temporary and not permanent. There are many uses for tension rods as they come in many different sizes.

Some of the uses for tension rods may be a bit surprising as many people may have something that will be more expensive. You can use a few tension rods for hanging fabric to hide items you can have under a shelf or on a sink. All you need to do is measure to determine how much fabric you need and size of rod to purchase.

One of the most interesting uses for tension rods is for dividers. You can set a few rods vertically inside a shelf of a cabinet for cookbooks, plates, dishes, and even cutting boards. The only thing you need to do is decide on the size you need.

A list of uses for tension rods around your home is available on apartmenttherapy.com here…

15+ Uses For Tension Rods You Never Thought Of

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