15 Under Home Hidden Storage Ideas

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Finding extra storage areas around the home can be difficult when you want it to be somewhat hidden. However, there are many under home hidden storage ideas you can use depending on the type of storage that is needed.

1. Under Stairs Storage Space


photo by instructables.com

Build a storage space under your stairs.

2. Built-In Shelves


photo by familyhandyman.com

Build a set of shelves under your stairs.

3. How To Make A Secret Outlet Compartment


photo by instructables.com

This is a great idea for a secret compartment in a basement.

4. $14 Secret Crawlspace Access Door


photo by instructables.com

Build a door to have secret access to your crawlspace.

5. DIY Secret Air Vent Wall Stash Safe


photo by stashvault.com

Conceal a secret compartment or a safe with an air vent cover.

6. How To Build A Storage Area Under A Deck


photo by todayshomeowner.com

Build a simple storage area under your deck.

7. Staircase Drawers


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

Build a set of slide-out drawers in an existing staircase.

8. Turn Your Stairs Into A Secret Room / Storage


photo by shtfpreparedness.com

Stairs with no side access will be perfect to make a secret room.

9. Ceiling Joist Shelving


photo by familyhandyman.com

The ceiling joists in a basement are a perfect storage area.

10. Ceiling Joist Storage


photo by familyhandyman.com

This is a different way to turn your ceiling joists into usable storage.

11. Make A Hidden Storage Closet


photo by homedepot.ca

A staircase down to a basement is perfect to use for a hidden closet.

12. How To Create Under Floor Storage


photo by stashvault.com

A raised floor in a basement can be used to create under floor storage.

13. Hidden Closet Behind Bookshelf


photo by imgur.com

A bookshelf is a great idea to hide a hidden closet in a basement wall.

14. How To Build A Super Top Secret Bunker Under Your House


photo by instructables.com

Building a secret bunker is a great way to feel safe during an emergency.

15. How To Build A Hidden Door


photo by thisoldhouse.com

These are instructions to build a hidden door that is in plain sight.

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