15 Survival Uses For Trash Bags

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Photo by: Pixabay

Are you interested in making the most out of items in your home when survival is essential? You might have a lot of plastic bags that are being used for trash. These are terrific items to have if SHTF.

Here are a few survival uses for trash bags that you may find really useful.

1. Make a DIY rain poncho.
2. Use it as a bivy sack or waterproof cover.
3. Make yourself a simple shelter.
4. Hang a trash bag from some trees to make a rain shelter.
5. Lay it on the ground to use as a tarp.
6. Stuff a trash bag with leaves to make a DIY mattress or a pillow
7. Make a container to collect water.
8. Transport a couple gallons of water from a river.
9. Use a trash bag to carry various survival items.
10. Make a waterproof cover for a backpack or satchel.
11. Protect electronics protected by using a trash bag.
12. Put medical supplies in a trash bag to keep them dry.
13. Trash bags are perfect to use to black out your windows.
14. Trash bags can be used to seal doors and air vents.
15. Use trash bags to collect waste.

Explore the video below as it explains in detail each trash bag survival use.

15 Survival Uses For Trash Bags

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