15 Refreshing Ways To Use Mint

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15 Refreshing Ways To Use Mint

1. Keep Mice Away

I live in New York City, and when I was thinking of planting a garden in the backyard, I was advised to plant a bed of mint because it deters rats. Same goes for household mice. The vermin despise it, and they’ll steer clear of any area it’s in.

2. Relieve Cramps

Mint has natural digestive properties that help relax tract muscle and relieve cramping. So when your tummy hurts, mix mint into a soothing liquid drink like hot tea or warm water spiked with lemon.

3. Soothe Your Feet

The refreshing, tingly sensation you experience when you eat mint comes from the menthol it contains. To give your feet a pick-me-up, chop up a cup of mint leaves and combine with a cup of sea salt and one-third cup of olive oil. Scrub away.

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