14 Ways To Heat Your Home For Free With Passive Heating

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Heating a home can be expensive for anyone who is using electricity, natural gas, or other fuel. A great way to save money on monthly heating bills is to find lots of ways to heat your home for free with passive heating.

1. Passive Solar Window Heater


photo by theoffgridproject.com

A window heater is a great option for passive heating.

2. Make A Simple Solar Air Heater


photo by reuk.co.uk

A simple solar air heater can be used for passive heating.

3. DIY Trombe Wall Made From River Rock And Wire



River rock and wire are all that you need to make a DIY trombe wall.

4. DIY Solar Air Heater Boxes


photo by instructables.com

Make your own solar air heater boxes for passive heating.

5. Off Grid Window Box Solar Heater Doubles As a Sun Oven! AWESOME!!

This is a solar window heater that can also be used as a solar oven.

6. DIY Solar Heater From Recycled Campaign Signs


photo by treehugger.com

Campaign signs that are left over after an election can be used to make a DIY solar heater.

7. Homemade Cardboard Solar Window Heater


photo by peterpop.com

A few pieces of cardboard is all you need to make a simple solar window heater.

8. “The Solar Parasite” Window Box Heater


photo by makezine.com

This is a window box heater that also has a simple air control system.

9. DIY Miniature Solar Heater

This is a miniature solar heater that is perfect for a small home.

10. Use Storm Windows to Make Solar Collectors


photo by motherearthnews.com

A solar collector is easy to make from some old storm windows.

11. Insulate Windows With Bubble Wrap For A Reusable Storm Window


photo by lifehacker.com

Bubble wrap is perfect to use to make a simple storm window.

12. Solar Panels Made Easy – VERY Easy!


photo by instructables.com

Cinefoil is the material used to make these DIY solar panels for passive heating.

13. Solar Window Inserts


photo by instructables.com

These window inserts are a simple way to produce passive heating for your home.

14. Best DIY Home Heating : Cheap, Easy

A video showing how to use the windows in your home for passive heating.


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