14 DIY Delightful Rain Chain Projects

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Are you interested in doing something creative in your garden or to the outside of your home? Making a rain chain is a great way to add some visual appeal and to help direst and collect rain water. Homemade rain chains are rather easy projects, but you need to have an idea to use. Luckily, there are some really intriguing and delightful DIY rain chain projects you may want to make.

You may be surprised at what you can do for rain chain projects around the home. A rain chain is easy to make from buckets and even plastic zip ties. Not all rain chains require expensive materials to be effective and beautiful.

Here we have put together a list of rain chain projects that you can easily make, including their materials, estimated cost, and level of difficulty. Have fun!

1. DIY Ombre Rain Chain


photo by designsponge.com

Materials – small plastic pots, long length of chain, and chain links
Estimated Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

2. Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock


photo by dollarstorecrafts.com

Materials – floral wire, decorative rocks, and paperclips
Estimated Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

3. Copper Rain Chain


photo by instructables.com

Materials – copper tubing and pvc pipe
Estimated Cost – average
Difficulty – easy

4. DIY Rain Chain Using Spoons


photo by birdsandblooms.com

Materials – metal spoons and wire
Estimated Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

5. Funnel Rain Chain


photo by motherearthnews.com

Materials – aluminum funnels, galvanized chain, and some nuts and bolts
Estimated Cost – cheap to average
Difficulty – easy

6. Zip Tie Rain Chain


photo by dollarstorecrafts.com

Materials – zip ties and wooden beads
Estimated Cost – very cheap
Difficulty – easy

7. Terracotta Rain Chain


photo by allthingsheartandhome.com

Materials – small clay pots, long black chain, rive rocks, and a clay saucer
Estimated Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

We have a lot more rain chain projects you can do at home listed below.

8. Rain Chains From Scrap Metal


photo by fromthealleytothegallery.blogspot.com

Materials – pieces of scrap metal, washers, and rivets
Estimated Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

9. Plastic Cup Rain Chain


photo by dollarstorecrafts.com

Materials – plastic cups and flower pot chains
Estimated Cost – very cheap
Difficulty – easy

10. Hanging Yogurt Cup Waterfall


photo by childhoodlist.blogspot.com

Materials – used yogurt cups or bowls and string or twine
Estimated Cost – very cheap
Difficulty – easy

11. Small Bucket Rain Chain


photo by curbly.com

Materials – metal buckets, small chain, and hooks
Estimated Cost –  cheap
Difficulty – easy

12. Pine Cone Rain Chain


photo by burbsandthebees.com

Materials – pine cones and clasps
Estimated Cost – very cheap
Difficulty – easy

13. Another Bucket Rain Chain


photo by audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com

Materials – medium or large tin buckets and metal chain
Estimated Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

14. Metal Can Rain Chain


photo by isavea2z.com

Materials – metal watering cans and a decorative chain and hook
Estimated Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

Do you have any rain chain projects to share on our Facebook page? We would love to see what you have done.

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