12 Unusual Uses For Condoms

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Latex is a versatile product that is used for many applications like paint and even condoms. There are a variety of unusual uses for condoms based on particular situations and needs. All you need to do is have condoms available when a need may arise. One thing to keep in mind is the type of condom will be important.

Condoms come in various types depending on the preference of the user. For these unusual uses, you need to have condoms that are the non-lubricated variety. The reason is lubricated condoms are slippery and will not have a decent grip when used for these applications. Make sure to review any unusual uses for condoms to determine if you have the right type of condom.

You may find some unusual uses for condoms are pretty clever. However, you need condoms available for uses that are the most practical. The best place to find condoms is at a grocery store or drug store. If you do not want to purchase condoms in person, then ordering online is the best option. The number that you order will depend on the unusual uses for condoms you find interesting.

The best thing about using condoms in certain applications is the items are small and can be used in a variety of situations. This means you may find a few unusual uses for condoms provide you with many reasons to keep a few condoms in a tool box or in a drawer. You could keep one in your wallet, but you might have to answer some uncomfortable questions from your spouse.

Condoms are one type of item that can be used in ways they were never intended. You might even find some unusual uses for condoms that no one has discovered. The most important detail about the use of condoms is to be discreet as other people may not appreciate your creativity.

A list of unusual uses for condoms is found on instructables.com here…

12 Unusual Uses For Condoms

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