11 Emergency Foods That Can Last A Lifetime

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Stocking up on canned foods is not the only option to have food available in an emergency. If you plan to shelter in your home, then having emergency foods to use will be essential. Another good reason to keep a supply of emergency food on hand is for when your home loses power in a severe storm and a trip to the grocery store is out of the question.

There are many ways you can preserve foods to have when an emergency arises. Once you know the foods that can be used, you can look at the processes needed to prepare them as your emergency foods. The use of regular food containers is not be sufficient if you want to have a supply of emergency foods on hand.

A multiple level barrier system is needed so your emergency foods do not spoil. This will mean using bags and a plastic container that will keep out moisture, sunlight, and rodents or insects. The use of Mylar bags are a great choice for the long-term storage of food. One thing you might want to do is research storage options before you begin gathering too much of the types of emergency foods. You should also not count on using a freezer to preserve your food, as this will need a source of power to function.

The best types of emergency foods to have at home are those that can be used for multiple purposes. You can keep sugar as a cooking ingredient and honey can be used as a a sweetener or as a flavoring for food. Your best bet is also to keep food that is already dried like rice, wheat, and various spices.

You may be surprised to know the types of emergency foods you can keep at home. The food that you keep on hand will depend on personal preference or any specific needs. 

A list of emergency foods you can keep at home is found on readynutrition.com here…

11 Emergency Foods That Can Last A Lifetime

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