100 Freezer Meals In 5 Hours

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Preparing freezer meals in bulk quantities is often a difficult task for one person to do alone. Typically, one person can only prepare and plate one meal at a time. The best solution to this problem is to make meals with a team of people. A team of five people can prepare 100 freezer meals in about five hours.

The biggest challenge for many people is not the actual process, but deciding on the types of recipes to use for making 100 freezer meals. Most recipes will produce a specific number of servings. This is typically why this task will take a single person all day to complete.

A team of people will need to have all the ingredients that will be necessary to make 100 freezer meals in a five hour period. This means tallying up all the ingredients that are needed based on the number of meals that will need to be prepared. Each member of your team who will be helping to prepare 100 freezer meals can gather the ingredients ahead of time.

You may want to have a separate folding table set up for all the ingredients. Space on the counters will be limited due to all the bowls and hardware that will be needed to make 100 freezer meals. Teamwork will be the key to completing this project. Cooking is a fun activity that can be done with the family or a group of friends and is a great activity to do on a long weekend.

Preparing 100 freezer meals is a great option for the holidays. You may also prepare many types of food for people at a homeless shelter or any other purpose. However, meals that are being frozen need to be placed into a suitable container. The best option is a tin pan or a large plastic container.

A list of recipes to prepare 100 freezer meals can be found on onehundreddollarsamonth.com here…

100 Freezer Meals In 5 Hours

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