10 Things To Stop Buying At The Grocery Store

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At one time or another, it seems that everybody starts thinking about ways to save money and become more self-sufficient. It is a proven fact that pre-packaged food cost more than food you make yourself. We used to buy a lot of pre-packaged stuff like brown-and-serve food and microwave fare. Even desserts were not safe from the buy-it-instead-of-make-it craze that has been running rampant for many years. Since the invention of the TV dinner, food that we don’t have to fix ourselves has become the norm.

However, times change and we decided that it was time to give some serious thought to how many items fit into the category of things to stop buying at the grocery store. Coming up with a list of things to stop buying was easier than we thought. The best part of all was that we would be spending less, but ending up with food that was far superior to the pre-packaged chemical-laden foods that we had become accustomed to consuming.

At the top of our list of things to stop buying was something that we already had started to embrace—leafy spices. We have a tiny mint plant and some rosemary in little pots in our kitchen. We snip off a few leaves when we need fresh mint or rosemary. So, it was time to take that practice up to the next level. We bought some larger pots and more herb plants. We watched them grow quickly and each time we celebrated one more item that we could stop buying at the store. We’ve even begun to dry our own herbs and put them in jars on our spice shelf.

We’re now looking at our jams and jellies and starting to research recipes that will allow us to make our own flavors using all-natural ingredients. This has become a fantastic way to save money but also to become more independent and self-sufficient.

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10 Things To Stop Buying At The Grocery Store

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