10+ Prepper Uses for 2 Liter Plastic Bottles

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In today’s world, prepping has become a way of life for many. Storing food, becoming more self-sufficient, and finding natural ways to replenish water supplies, are just few of the common practices that make the prepper lifestyle so appealing to many. However, it doesn’t often stop there. Recycling or repurposing products has become an essential skill that many preppers have incorporated into their everyday lives. From newspapers and magazines to soda cans and bottles there is a second use for almost everything. Perhaps one of the most popular items to re-use are 2 liter plastic bottles. When we found this imaginative and innovative guide, we knew that you would be able to integrate several of these great ideas into your own life. But, we think you’ll be surprised at the way you look at things after you discover how innovative preppers view and adapt the common 2-liter bottle.

While there are several creative ways you can turn 2-liter plastic bottles into bird feeders or mini greenhouses, perhaps the most obvious and popular use among preppers would be for food and water storage containers. They’re easy to store, efficient in their use, and you can pack quite a bit of rice into a 2-liter bottle. Not creative enough for you? How about making a spoon or bowl out of a 2-liter bottle for emergency purposes? Minnow and crawdad traps for those who want to catch food or bait for fishing, water filtration devices (along with a few other items) are all easy to make and will take just a few minutes of your time.

From brooms to boats and even shoes, creative preppers have really put their imaginations to work in order to get the most out of these bottles. Especially when you consider just how many bottles are thrown into the trash or recycling bin. It is a great way to shift your way of thinking and find new ways to look at “old” things.

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10+ Prepper Uses for 2 Liter Plastic Bottles

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