10’ Picnic Table DIY

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Photo by: jayscustomcreations.com

Working with wood is a fun activity that allows you to do many types of creative projects. Most people who own their own home may want to have a picnic table available. This is something you can build at home if you have the proper tools and materials. You may also work on a picnic table DIY project as a gift.

The most important detail about any picnic table DIY project is the design of the table. A standard picnic table may be too small for your area. This means you need to determine the size that will fit in the area it is needed. One option is to make the result of your picnic table DIY project at a length of ten feet.

Wood is the standard material to use for a picnic table DIY project. However, you will need to have the right type of wood for the project. Most picnic tables are used outdoors, but may be under a tent or in a covered area. A table may also be outside in all sorts of weather conditions including rain and snow.

Make sure you use treated lumber that has been sealed. Another option is to use cedar as this will never decay or show signs of rot. The proper tools are also needed for a picnic table DIY project. You will use an assortment of tools that will include a saw and power drill. Screws will be used to secure the wood that is needed for your picnic table.

The tools and materials for a picnic table DIY project can be found at a local home improvement store in your area. You can also find the tools and screws for this project at any hardware store. The wood can be found at almost any local lumber yard. Search around before buying materials that are expensive.

Basic plans for a picnic table DIY project are found on jayscustomcreations.com here…

10’ Picnic Table DIY

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