10 Perfect DIY Projects for the Homestead

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There are many ways to add things to your homestead. One option is to buy what you need and the other is to build what you need. If you like to build things and save some money along the way, then you may want to some of these projects to update your homestead.

Chicken Coop 


Photo by livingandlearningwithluisa.com

Building a chicken coop is a great way to keep them safe if there are predators around. This is one of the best DIY projects for the homestead.

Vertical Pallet Garden


Photo by diyshowoff.com

Growing herbs and other plants to use for food does not require a standard garden. A fun option is to build a vertical garden that can be placed on a deck or patio.

Wood Planter Box 


Photo by diydesignfanatic.com

A great project to add a decorative element or to grow some plants is to make a wood planter box. These types of DIY projects for the homestead can even be movable.

Pallet Trellis


photo by mikesbackyardnursery.com

Gardens that have plants that grow as vines will benefits from a trellis. You can easily make one using a pallet.

Homemade Greenhouse 


Photo by diyready.com

A greenhouse can easily be made from materials like PVC pipe.

Homemade Pizza Oven 


Photo by instructables.com

A great way to add something functional to your homestead is to add a pizza oven. The best thing is you can make this using scrap materials that include wood pallets and cinder blocks.

Wine Barrel Planter 


Photo by hitchhikingtoheaven.com

A wine barrel is a perfect item to use to make a planter for a deck or patio.

Raised Garden Bed 


Photo by sunset.com

Building a raised garden bed is not difficult and is a great way to add visual appeal to a landscape.

Storage Shed 


Photo by instructables.com

Building a storage shed on your homestead is a great way to gain additional storage. You can easily store garden equipment and other types of items.

Rain Barrel 


Photo by instructables.com

A rain barrel is an ideal item to have when you need to water a garden or parts of your lawn.

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