10 Pallet Projects For The Homestead

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Repurposing and upcycling are great ways to reuse various types of items. Pallets are a great item that you can use for a lot of DIY projects. All you will need to do is find a few pallet projects for the homestead that are unique and interesting.

Pallet Garden Trellis 


Photo by instructables.com

A trellis is a great addition to any garden and one made from old pallets is an inexpensive option.

Pallet Air Conditioner C0ver


Photo by hometalk.com

Anyone with an ugly air conditioning unit next to their house can easily make a cover from pallet wood.

Pallet Accent Wall 


Photo by beginninginthemiddle.net

Accent walls make a great decorative element in an home and one that is made from pallets is really rustic looking.

DIY Pallet Fence


Photo by gardenedit.com

Pallet wood is light and easy to build things like a decorative fence for a garden.

Stenciled Pallet Table 


Photo by the36thavenue.com

A pallet table is a great way to recycle and the addition of a stencil will give it a custom look

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar 


Photo by 1001pallets.com

Any bare spot along a wall on a deck is perfect for an outdoor pallet bar for drinks or supplies.

DIY Pallet Sofa 


Photo by apartmenttherapy.com

A few old pallets and some cushions are all you need to make pallet projects for the homestead like a sofa.

Garden Organizer 


Photo by ourlittleacre.blogspot.com.au

A peg board is not the only option to organize gardening supplies because a pallet organizer is just as good.

DIY Pallet Sandbox 


photo by ana-white.com

Building a sandbox is not difficult and does not require a lot of materials if you use wood from old pallets.

DIY Dog Bed 


Photo by shanty-2-chic.com

A lot of fun and unique pallet projects for the homestead can be made using wood from an old pallet like a custom dog bed.

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