10 Homemade Natural Pesticides

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10 Homemade Natural Pesticides

The Global Healing Center reminds us that farmers used organic forms of pesticides long before our present-day chemical formulas were invented. These natural pesticides are still effective, inexpensive, and simple to make at home. They include:

    1. Neem
    2. Salt Spray
    3. Mineral Oil
    4. Citrus Oil & Cayenne Pepper Mix
    5. Soap, Orange Citrus Oil & Water
    6. Eucalyptus Oil
    7. Onion & Garlic Spray
    8. Chrysanthemum Flower Tea
    9. Tobacco Spray
    10. Chile Pepper / Diatomaceous Earth

Click the link below for recipes and a description of how to use each natural pesticide.

Click Here For 10 Homemade Natural Pesticide Recipes


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