10 Genius Microwave Hacks

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Photo by: diyncrafts.com

For many families, the microwave is an indispensable tool that is used to cook meals, reheat leftover food, and for heating milk. However, there are many uses for the microwave in your kitchen you may not know are available to try.

Almost any type of microwave can be used to perform various microwave hacks. One thing to keep in mind is most of the uses for the microwave in your kitchen will require using items which are microwave safe. You do not want to use items made of metal or are not microwave safe. This is a good way to ruin your microwave and could present a safety hazard.

Many of the microwave hacks you can use apply to food items. This includes things like cooking bacon or having a stale doughnut become soft again. One thing you may not know about the microwave is it will kill most bacteria.

Some microwave hacks may seem simple, but might never have been considered by you as an option. If you want an ideal way to re-heat food, then use the defrost option instead of high heat. Applying high heat is how to cook food, but the defrost mode will reheat it. This is one of the best ways to reheat a slice of pizza and deli sandwiches.

A list of microwave hacks to try at home is found on diyncrafts.com here…

10 Genius Microwave Hacks

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