10 Effortless One Minute Mug Cakes

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Photo by: diyncrafts.com

What’s better than a cupcake? Although dessert items in today’s world are plentiful, there are few things more sought after than a good piece of cake. ┬áThe best part of a cupcake is you can experiment with different recipes and decide which one (or ones) you like the best without having to bake an entire cake, only to find out you don’t like it very much. ┬áThese are also quicker to make than a traditional cake and are intended to be an individual serving. The best thing is you can put these cakes in a ceramic mug that is a microwave safe item.

The time to bake mug cakes is based on the power of your microwave. If your microwave cooks at a higher or lower power than an average microwave, then trial and error may be needed. There are a few things to consider if you plan to bake an assortment of mug cakes at home.

All the ingredients that are needed to make the batter for mug cakes are probably already be in your kitchen pantry. If you are missing any necessary ingredients for a particular recipe, then you might need to go to your local grocery store or supermarket. Of course, as with any cakes, the two primary ingredients are eggs and milk.

Ceramic mugs need to be used to bake your mug cakes. These are microwave safe and will ensure that your batter is cooked evenly. You do not want to use plastic containers. If you do not have any ceramic mugs, then glass mugs will work just as good. Make sure to let your cakes fully cool before adding the toppings.

A list of recipes for mug cakes is found on diyncrafts.com here…

10 Effortless One Minute Mug Cakes

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