10 DIY Pet Projects (For People Who Love Their Pets!)

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Photo by: makezine.com

Pet owners have many options for toys and objects for their pets to use as play or exercise. The only thing that pet owners may object to is the cost. Spending a lot of money on a pet is not the only option for showing affection. You can also build something if you are crafty or like to make things. People who love their pets have many pet projects they can choose to build.

People who are technologically savvy can choose pet projects that connect to the Internet. Paw slaps to a toy can trigger a status update to social media. Another option is a cat treat dispenser that can be used to train cats to not scratch furniture or other objects in a home.

You can also make a GPS tracker that is capable of logging where a pet travels when outside. Pet projects can also include automatic feeders for cats or dogs.

Dogs often like to swim and can get into areas that may be dangerous. Various pet projects can include safety accessories. This includes an inflatable collar when a dog is in any water. These projects use a sensor that triggers a CO2 cartridge to inflate the collar when it gets wet.

Completing pet projects means gathering the tools and equipment that is needed. Many items are often available at various retail stores and on the Internet. This includes the use of a web cam that can record video which can be reviewed when online of offline.

The type of pet projects that you choose to make will depend on various factors. This includes the type of pet and the function that is preferred. You have the option to build various objects which have many uses and can easily be customized. Devices can also be controlled or monitored remotely when connected to the Internet.

A list of pet projects for pet lovers is available at makezine.com here…

10 DIY Pet Projects (For People Who Love Their Pets!)

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