10 Common Wild Edibles Found Almost Everywhere

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Photo by: homesteaddreamer.com

People who are interested in wilderness survival have a lot they need to know. This will include everything from building a suitable shelter to foraging for food to eat. Knowing certain types of plants that can be used as a source of food will be crucial. There are many types of wild edibles you may not know can be considered as a source of food when you are out foraging.

One important detail to keep in mind is you do not necessarily need to eat wild edibles raw, but if you choose to, you could even combine a variety of wild edibles to make a basic salad. 

Another important detail to know is some wild edibles look like plants that could be poisonous. This is the main reason to know the difference between plants that are edible and those that may be deadly. You will need to to your research first to know the difference between similar looking plants.

The best types of wild edibles are fruits that grow on vines and on trees. This will include wild apples and various types of berries. Blackberries are a tasty type of berry that grows wild in many areas. 

A list of wild edibles you can find almost anywhere is found on homesteaddreamer.com here…

10 Common Wild Edibles Found Almost Everywhere

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