10 Awesome Ways To Reuse Silica Gel Packets

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Are you constantly throwing away the packets of silica get that are found in most bottles of vitamins or in electronic device packaging? These are used to prevent moisture. You may be surprised to know that there are many ways to reuse silica gel packets at home.

1. Protect Items in a Safe

Items like guns and important papers in a safe will stay dry.

2. Keep Food Dry in the Refrigerator

Adding packets to chiller drawers will keep moisture out of food. This is one of the best ways to reuse silica get packets.

3. Prevent Seeds from Germinating

Seeds kept in a basement will not accidentally germinate if you add a few silica packets

4. Keep Moisture Out of Dry Foods

Dry food like sugar and flour will easily stay dry by adding a silica packet into a container.

5. Prevent Clumps in Laundry Detergent

Adding a packet into a container of laundry detergent is all you need to do when you want to find ways to reuse silica gel packets.

6. Rejuvenate Used Silica Gel Packets

Baking saturated silica beads in your oven at 200 degrees will dry them out to use again.

7. Present Clumps in Bags of Fertilizer

Fertilizer kept in a garage all winter can develop clumps if not kept dry.

8. Dry Wet Cell Phones

Place a wet cell phone in a bowl of dry silica pellets and it will be dry in no time.

9. Prevent a Foggy Windshield 

A really humid day can easily fog up your windshield unless you have some silica gel packets to reduce the moisture.

10. Keep Vitamins and Pills Dry

Place a silica gel packet in a plastic container used for vitamins and pills to eliminate moisture.

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