10 Awesome Healthy Black Friday Gifts

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1. Adopt A Black Furry Friend

Did you know that black pets are the slowest to be adopted from shelters?  Even today there seems to be some kind of left-over “baggage” about having a black cat roaming around the house.  Throw off those old ideas, go to your local shelter, adopt a black kitty (or puppy) and have a new best friend to spend the holiday season with and every other season for along time.  Pets have all kinds of great health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to easing epilepsy.

Whatever you do, don’t adopt a pet on a whim.  Be sure your house – and you – are ready for a new furry friend and that you have enough time to give them the care they need.

Having a pet should be a symbiotic relationship – you give them the love and care they need, they give you the love and health you need.  It’s one of the best win-win situations you can have!

2. Treat Your Friends and Family To Cast Iron Cooking

The results of the scientific research has been around for years.  Even though, as a society, we continue to develop new and “easier to clean” cooking surfaces, they almost all have health drawbacks.  Many of the surfaces leach small amounts of toxic substances into the food cooked in them.

Cast iron is a great alternative.  Once you learn how to use them properly, the cleaning won’t be a chore.  Cast iron conducts heat evenly, lasts for generations, you can actually use less oil when cooking in them, no nasty chemicals, and iron is actually added in small quantities to your food as it cooks.

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3. Duct Tape

Ok, ok, this might be a stretch as a healthy gift – but duct tape can fix almost anything – which should ease stress. Right?

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4. Balaclava

Everyone needs something to keep them warm and cozy when they have to venture out into a cold windy place.  The balaclava is the precursor to most of the newer styles of neck / head wraps, but it’s till a great go-to cover-up.

5. Reusable Glass Water Bottle

What can be better for your health than a glass water bottle?  Save the environment, help keep chemicals out of your body, and look good while you’re doing it. The trifecta of gifts!

6. Beer Growler

If you have a friend who drinks beer and buys it from a local brewery, this is the gift for them.

Many local breweries provide glass bottles with screw-on lids for their growlers because they are cost effective.  (For the uninitiated, growlers are 64 ounce beer containers.)  Screw lid bottles are fine if the beer is to be consumed in the next day or (maybe) two.  However, no matter how tight you screw on the lid, they leak air – and air is the enemy of beer bubbles and taste.

If your friend is really a craft brews affectionado, they will truly appreciate a container that can keep their beer bubbly for weeks instead of hours.

7. Black Tea

Black tea has taken a back seat to green tea in the past few years, but studies show the health benefits of black tea is equal to that of green tea,  Both are extremely high in antioxidants by way of the polyphenols they contain.  According to John Weisburger, PhD, senior researcher at the Institute for Cancer Prevention in Valhalla, N.Y, “Whether it’s green or black, tea has about eight to 10 times the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables.”

Black tea is a also a great starter for kombucha.

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8. Black Ninja Blender

If you know someone with a true love of smoothies, this is the gift for them.  It comes with various sized containers and very high customer ratings. Crushes ice or frozen fruits with ease. Since it comes with so many individual containers, you can prep most of the ingredients the night before and then smoothies become an easy to-go drink in the morning when the rush is on to get to work!

9. Black Fermented Garlic

Black garlic is produced by fermenting whole bulbs of fresh garlic in temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees Celsius (150-175 degrees Fahrenheit) in a humidity-controlled room for nearly a month. After this, the garlic cloves will have turned black.  To achieve a sweet, prune-like taste, the fermented garlic is left to oxidize in a clean room for 45 days.

Studies in Japan on mice resulted in reduced size of tumors and anecdotal evidence suggests consuming a few cloves a day can reduce cholesterol and improves psoriasis.

10. Sleep Mask

This is the one we personally use.  It’s so nice waking up in the morning and there’s not a single sign of sunshine making you all squinty.  The surface that touches your face is soft and cool, and nothing touches your eyes.  It would be a terrific gift if you have a friend that works second or third shift!

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