Homemade BBQ Chips Recipe

Do you enjoy eating flavored chips bought at the store, but do not want any of the additives? A perfect choice┬áis to make your own at home. You have a lot of options to consider like homemade BBQ chips. This will be really easy to do at home with potatoes from your garden when you want a tasty … [Read more...]

Saving Potato Water: Why You Need To Do It

Cooking in the kitchen often meals there is a lot of preparation and cleanup that is needed. One type of food that is common with a lot of meal is mashed potatoes. This means you need to boil the potatoes to get them soft. Just make sure to save the potato water as it has a lot of interesting … [Read more...]

How To Grow 25 Pounds Of Sweet Potatoes In One Bucket

Do you like potatoes and want to grow your own at home? This can be done in many ways if you have an existing garden or the proper containers. Container gardening may be the best option if you lack the space for a garden. The best thing is you can easily grow 25 pounds of sweet potatoes in one … [Read more...]

How To Grow Sweet Potato Vines

Winter is typically not a time when most people think about gardening. However, there are many types of plants that can be started in the winter so they are ready to plant in a garden come spring. Seeds are not needed if you want to grow things like sweet potato vines. The key to growing sweet … [Read more...]

Growing Sweet Potatoes In Containers

Container gardening is a great way to grow various types of plants at home is a regular garden is not an option. Containers can also be used to grow certain types of crops you do not want in a garden or when the soil is inadequate. One idea to consider is growing sweet potatoes in … [Read more...]

Seed Potatoes And How To Plant Potatoes In A Raised Bed

Growing food on a homestead is a great way to be self sufficient. There are many types of fruits and a variety of vegetables that an be grown in a garden or in a container. You may also use raised beds to grow herbs and even potatoes. If you want to grow potatoes, then seed potatoes will be … [Read more...]

Growing Potatoes In Bags Or Potato Sacks

Very few things can beat the taste of freshly dug homegrown potatoes. Now you can get that delicious taste and nutrition from homegrown potatoes, regardless of the size of space that you have available, by using especially designed containers. These potato bags are designed for limited spaces and, … [Read more...]