How To Can Chicken On The Bone

Canning is a great way to keep various types of food preserved for future use. This includes vegetables, fruits, and even beef. You might be surprised to know chicken can also be canned. If you raise your own chickens for meat, then you may want to know how to can chicken on the bone. Make sure you … [Read more...]

Homemade Pineapple Jam Recipe

Canning is a great way to preserve many types of foods. This is also a great way to make various types of fruit jams. All you need to do is determine the best type of jam to make. If you like pineapples, then a homemade pineapple jam is a great way to use fresh fruit. Heat is necessary to make … [Read more...]

How To Can Ground Beef

Canning is a great option to preserve various types of foods. You are able to can most vegetables, fruit, and a variety of meats. This will include venison and ground beef. If you are someone who enjoys ground beef frequently, then canning is a great option. The process used to can ground beef is … [Read more...]

How To Can Venison {Tender & Tasty!}

The process that is used to can meat is not difficult if you are using the right equipment. If you hunt for deer or have obtained deer meat, then canning venison is a good option. You will need to use a pressure canning device when you want to can this type of meat for later use. The venison that … [Read more...]

How To Butcher, Smoke And Can A Whole Fish

Canning is a great way to keep various types of food preserved for future use. The most common foods that typically will be canned include vegetables and certain meats. However, fish also can be canned as a way to keep it preserved for an extended period of time. If you are interested in how to can … [Read more...]

23 Things You Must Know to Can Meat Safely

One of the most common methods that is used to preserve foods is canning. This is also the method used for preserving jams and various other types of foods. One crucial aspect of canning is preventing poisoning due to tainted foods. Meat is a food some people might be apprehensive about canning. If … [Read more...]

Crockpot Recipes For Canned Venison

Many people who like to hunt deer do so primarily for the venison that is available. This is the meat that is harvested from the deer. You can have venison cut into steaks, chops, and loins based on a specific need or preference. If the venison is not needed right away, then it can be frozen or … [Read more...]

493 Meals In A Jar

If you’re looking for ways to stretch your grocery budget and to cut back on meal planning and preparation, then consider these meals in a jar recipes. You can save both time and money with recipes to make muffins, biscuits, casseroles, soups, pancakes mixes, cakes, cookies, cobblers, dips, sauces, … [Read more...]