Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp DIY

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Are you familiar with tiki torches that use a liquid-based fuel? A DIY tiki torch will not be hard to make, but there are other options that you can use. A really good example is making a mason jar oil lamp. This item will burn for a few hours and can be used both indoors or outdoors.

A few basic supplies are all you will need to make your own mason jar oil lamp at home. The one thing that is the most important is a floating wick. The fuel you will use for the lamp is vegetable oil. Petals from a flower or even shiny rocks can be used for added visual appeal.

Another fun thing you can do when you make a mason jar oil lamp is add food coloring. The options to create something unique as a decoration or for a bit of light are nearly limitless. You can also make one to use as a gift.

Instructions to make your own mason jar oil lamp can be found on here…

Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp DIY

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