Inexpensive Car Ramps Tutorial

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There are times when doing your own oil change or other work will be cheaper than taking a vehicle to a local dealer. The difficult part of the process is getting under the car to drain the oil. If you do not use a car jack, then inexpensive car ramps may be the best option.

You can easily make a set of inexpensive car ramps from scrap wood. The key to the design is having a series of steps to raise the front of the vehicle. Your ramps should be made from 2 x6 boards. These will be wide enough for most tires.

A few modifications can be made if you want to improve your inexpensive car ramps. You may want to have a larger or taller ramp based on the vehicle you need to work on. Just make sure to use ramps on ground which is level or you may have a slight problem.

Instructions to make your own inexpensive car ramps are on here…

Inexpensive Car Ramps Tutorial

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