How To Winterize Your Vegetable Garden

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Do you live in areas that have cold winters that prevent you from growing crops in a garden? You need to prepare your garden for winter just like you do your house so it is ready for the following spring. An assortment of methods are available for you to winterize your vegetable garden.

The method you choose to use to winterize your vegetable garden depends on you. There will still be a variety of steps that need to be completed once the growing season has ended. The most important part of the process is preparing the soil.

Preparing the soil when you want to winterize your vegetable garden can be done in many ways. Weed removal is important to do as is removing dead plants. You should also rake the soil and then cover it with compost. This will feed the soil so you can add all types of new plants the following spring.

The steps needed to winterize your vegetable garden are found on here…

How To Winterize Your Vegetable Garden

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