How To Park Two Cars In A Small Garage

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Photo by : totallifting YouTube channel

Garages that are big enough for two cars may have a garage door that is too small. The main reason for a smaller door is to have an area on one side of the garage to use for storage. However, a little reconfiguration with a little help from a unique product means you can park two cars in a small garage.

The only way to fit two cars in a small garage is to create enough space. This means you might need to relocate optional storage or yard equipment to another area. Sliding one car over a few feet is all that is needed to make two cars fit in a garage that is otherwise too small.

If you are looking for a unique way to park two cars in a small garage, then a sliding system like this one is the way to go. This is something that is a great way to keep your cars protected from the weather.

How To Park Two Cars In A Small Garage


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