How To Make Dandelion Coffee

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Dandelion Coffee

How do you take your coffee? With some dandelion weed? Ok, probably not. Well…Dandelion Coffee is more of a “tea” than a “coffee,” yet you can brew it in your coffee pot just like real coffee. And it’s better for you than coffee. They call it a liver tonic. And the taste? It is bitter is flavor and could take a bit of an adjustment, yet it’s very delicious.  Dandelion Coffee delivers in energy just like caffeine, yet without it. So, if you need to cut back on your coffee intake, make yourself a pot of Dandelion Coffee. Many have used it to ween themselves off coffee altogether. You can buy dandelion root coffee already packaged. Or, you can grow and roast your own. This video shows you how to make your own.

It’s always a good idea to drink organic Dandelion Coffee (and real coffee too!) whenever possible. This is one brand that we like best.

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