How To Make An Aluminum Can Lamp For Light And Heating Water

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Are you interested in making a homemade lamp that can be used in a disaster or emergency? If you are living in an area that is off-grid, then having an emergency lamp will be beneficial. An aluminum can lamp may be perfect and is a fun way to recycle.

You will need at least two aluminum cans to make an aluminum can lamp at home. The tools you need will include a utility knife or a pair of tin snips. A metal file may also be needed as cutting aluminum is a great way to injure yourself.

Lamp oil or Tiki torch oil can be used with your aluminum can lamp. One thing you may want to do if you want an open flame lamp is to remove the top portion. This type of lamp can also be a great way to keep mosquitoes away if you are spending time outside on your desk or patio.

Instructions to make your own aluminum can lamp are on here…

How To Make An Aluminum Can Lamp For Light And Heating Water

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