How To Make A Storm Glass To Predict The Weather

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Photo by: NightHawkInLight

Are you interested in doing various types of science experiments at home? One activity that kids might do in a typical science class is make a volcano. However, there are other things that can be just as interesting to make like a storm glass to predict the weather.

A storm glass to predict the weather is something that is easy to make, but may need to be done by an adult. The reason is the ingredients may not be suitable for young kids as 100 proof vodka will be used. The vodka is necessary as this type of experiment calls for a mix of ethanol and water.

Heat from your stove is needed for this experiment as solid material needs to be melted. The result will be a glass of clear liquid that can be used as a storm glass to predict the weather. Simply place the jar outside and then wait to see what will happen.

How To Make A Storm Glass To Predict The Weather


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