How To Make A Rocket Stove Out Of A Log

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Photo by: IntenseAngler

Are you working on a plan for emergency survival and need something to use for heat that can also be used for cooking? The solution that you may want to use will be a bit surprising. You should consider the benefits of making a rocket stove out of a log.

One of the best things about making a rocket stove out of a log is you are using wood. This means your stove or heater will not need any other fuel. The rocket stove you will make is a single log and is great for individual use.

Creating a rocket stove out of a log means you can use it as an alternative to a fire pit. The one thing to keep in mind is you will need some power tools to complete the project. A power drill will be crucial for this task. You will also need the proper size log.

How To Make A Rocket Stove Out Of A Log

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