How To Grow Blackberries On A Trellis

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Have you seen wild blackberries growing in a park, in a field or along the road? These berries are similar to raspberries and grow on a cane or stalk. Blackberries are a great type of fruit to plant in your garden. However, you can also grow blackberries on a trellis.

The key to being able to grow blackberries on a trellis is having the stalks grow a certain way. You can easily trim new stalks as they grow to “train” them to grow up your trellis. This will take awhile, but is worth the effort.

You may want to grow blackberries on a trellis to save space in your garden. Plants on a trellis will not take up as much space as plants growing on the ground. The best part is, you can put a trellis on a deck or anywhere in a backyard. A trellis can even be set against a fence.

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How To Grow Blackberries On A Trellis

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