How To: Drying Herbs The Easy Way

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Do you grow a variety of fresh herbs in containers or out in a garden? If you want to keep herbs stored for future use, then drying is required. This is something that can be done using various methods based on what you prefer. You may find drying herbs the easy way to be the best option.

If you have some wire mesh lying around, then you can make hampers to dry herbs outdoors. You may find that using wind is the best method for drying herbs the easy way. The best thing is you can hang a hamper under an overhang or other area that is covered.

Drying herbs the easy way is also very economical. The wind is free and means you only need to have patience to wait until your herbs have completely dried. A little work will be needed and you will need to wait a couple of days to see results.

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How To: Drying Herbs The Easy Way

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