How To Create An Active Sourdough Starter From Two Simple Ingredients

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Making homemade breads like sourdough often requires using a starter. This is a product used to proof (the final rise) bread that has been prepared by following a basic recipe. You can easily make your own starter to use for baking an assortment of bread at home. All you need is a little patience and a few ingredients to make an active sourdough starter.

The time that is required before you can use an active sourdough starter is about two weeks. This is the time that is required for the yeast to multiply sufficiently. You will be following a three-step process to make the starter used when baking sourdough.

A mason jar or other quart-size jar will be needed to make an active sourdough starter at home. The jar will be covered with a breathable cover so this means a regular lid will not be used. However, you will be informed of a way to secure the material for the cover to the jar.

Instructions to make your own active sourdough starter are found on here…

How To Create An Active Sourdough Starter From Two Simple Ingredients

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