How To Cook Cassava: A Nutritious, Drought-Tolerant Survival Food

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Do you want to be better prepared for an unexpected emergency or a disaster? Stocking up on food is a great thing to do, but there is something else to keep in mind. What about droughts? A garden that you have for food should have a plant like the cassava that is drought resistant.

A drought might not occur that often, but there are periods when an area might have no rain for extended periods of time. If you have limited space for a garden, then planting cassava is a great option. This is one crop which is low maintenance with a lot of nutritional value.

Cassava will grow best in a climate that is warm for most of the year. There are many advantages to growing this type of crop as a survival food. A high yield is one of the main reasons to have this crop in your garden.

Information about growing cassava as a survival food is on here…

How To Cook Cassava: A Nutritious, Drought-Tolerant Survival Food

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