How To Can Butter For Food Storage

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Do you buy a lot of butter when it is on sale? A lot of people often stock up when items are on sale as a way to save money. However, keeping groceries like butter long-term is not that easy. One option is the freezer, but you may also want to can butter for food storage.

The process to can butter for food storage is really quite simple. You will not be using the same process that is done for canning other foods like fruit and various vegetables. The only equipment you will needs to use is your oven.

You will can butter for food storage in two stages. The reason you will do this in two stage is, you need to use more than one stick of butter. Your canned butter will have a shelf life of about three years, if the cans of butter make it that long before they are all gone.

The instructions to can butter for food storage are available on here…

How To Can Butter For Food Storage

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