How To Build A Sliding Barn Door

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Updating a bedroom or any other room in a home can be done in lots of different ways. One thing a lot of homeowners can do to add some rustic feel is to build a sliding barn door for a bathroom. This project is not hard to do if you are looking for a fun weekend project to do.

The best thing about being able to build a sliding barn door is you will save a lot of money. The cost to purchase a specialty built barn door is well over $500. Building one yourself will cost just a fraction of that amount. Your total cost for the project will actually be less than $100.

You can build a sliding barn door from newer lumber or use reclaimed wood. The only thing you need to do is attach all the hardware that is needed. This includes the frame and the sliders for the door.

Instructions to build a sliding barn door as a DIY project are on here…

How To Build A Sliding Barn Door

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