Grow A Half Ton Of Food In 200 Sq Ft From One Planting

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Do you have a small garden that is used for growing various fruits and vegetables? Two types you may want to have on hand are asparagus and strawberries. All you need is a 200 sq ft garden area to easily grow a half ton of food to have for meals and to store for later.

The best thing about being able to grow a half ton of food is only one planting is needed. You will find a single plant will produce more after the second year it was planted. These crops will have a yield which will continue for at least 20 years and possibly as long as 30 years.

Proper maintenance is necessary to grow a half ton of food. This includes adding mulch to prevent weeds from becoming a problem. Asparagus and strawberries are two types of perennials you can add to your garden, but many others also are capable of the same results.

Instructions to grow a half ton of food are found on here…

Grow A Half Ton Of Food In 200 Sq Ft From One Planting

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