Fermenting Crock From Mason Jar In 2 Steps

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Photo: nwedible.com

A fermenting crock can be costly, one use items that meet a particular purpose but might sit in storage for long periods until needed again. This innovative tutorial offers another suggestion… try adapting a mason jar to serve as a fermenting crock and get even more use out of your trusty mason jars. The process is relatively simple (just two steps in total) and involves purchasing a very small list of supplies as one of those steps (airlock, rubber bung, reCAP Mason Jar Cap, and a mason jar). The second step involves putting everything together and the tutorial offers some helpful photos to walk you through that process. It is a truly innovative and useful way to use a familiar item in a new and helpful way.

Discover how to craft a fermenting crock from a mason jar with just a few items and a few steps at nwedible.com here…

Fermenting Crock From Mason Jar In 2 Easy Steps

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