DIY Wood Screen To Hide A Utility Box

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Do you have a beautiful home with a utility box or meter that sticks out like a sore thumb? A meter or utility box is necessary if you have electricity or gas supplied to your home. However, you can add a cover or wood screen to hide a utility box.

If you are familiar with a wood barrier around air conditioners, then a wood screen to hide a utility box is really similar. All you need to do is build a frame with some scrap lumber and add a few panels. This project is not very difficult and can easily be done in about one hour.

One thing to keep in mind about adding a wood screen to hide a utility box  is making sure the box is not obstructing the view of the meter. This will not be an issue if the box is removable or you have added a set of hinges.

Instructions to make your own wood screen to hide a utility box are on here…

DIY Wood Screen To Hide a Utility Box

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