How To Make A Poop Hammock To Keep A Clean Chicken Coop Floor

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People who raise chickens may choose to construct a chicken coop. This is something that can be built yourself or you can use an existing structure. One important detail about having a chicken coop is keeping the floor clean. You can easily obtain a clean chicken coop floor by manually cleaning.

A clean chicken coop floor will help to reduce the odor that results from the waste material that will accumulate over time. Most people may manually clean the floor using a broom or other tools. This is a task that will quickly become unpleasant. One option to ensure you have a clean chicken coop floor is to make a simple poop hammock.

The height of the roost for your chicken coop is important if you want to use a poop hammock. This is a device that will hang under the roost to prevent any poop from reaching the floor. The material to use for a poop hammock to have a clean chicken coop floor ay depend partially on what you have available.

You may think a simple tarp will work for a hammock. However, a shade cloth is a better material as it will be easy to clean when needed and less expensive to replace when needed. A few simple tools will be needed to hang the cloth in a chicken coop. Metal hooks are all that will be needed to suspend the fabric to have a clean chicken coop floor.

A clean chicken coop floor is easy to achieve and can be done in just a couple of hours. All you will need to do is measure the size of the chicken coop and then set up the fabric. Make sure that you take the time to empty the hammock regularly to keep the floor clean and help reduce unpleasant odors.

Instructions to keep a clean chicken coop floor are found on here…

How To Make A Poop Hammock To Keep A Clean Chicken Coop Floor

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