DIY Insulating Curtains That Cut Heat Loss Through Windows By 50%

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Do you live in a home that does not seem to stay warm during the winter? One of the issues you may have is drafty windows. Windows that are drafty allow cold air into the home and may lead to higher electric bills. A great way to address this problem is to make DIY insulating curtains.

The best thing about DIY insulating curtains is they are just like a winter jacket for you windows. You can easily cut heat loss in your home up to 50 percent or even more. This means you will not need to turn up the heat or take any extra steps to keep war

Making your own DIY insulating curtains is not difficult. The most important thing you will need to do is take proper measurements of all your windows. With winter upon us, this is a great time to make sure to address any heat loss in your home.

Instructions to make your own DIY insulating curtains are on here…

DIY Insulating Curtains That Cut Heat Loss Through Windows By 50%

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