DIY Gardening Reservoir Bins

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Do you want to start a garden, but do not have a backyard that is usable? Container gardening will be a great alternative and can be done using any size container you have available. Some people might want something that is above ground like gardening reservoir bins.

You can easily make your own gardening reservoir bins by using a few 55-gallon barrels. The barrels need to be the plastic variety and not the metal ones. A few modifications are all you need to create a garden that you can use to grow various types of plants. You first need to cut off the top section of each barrel.

The key to gardening reservoir bins is following each step correctly. You will be adding different layers to your bins. The first few layers are similar to making a french drain. The top layers are where you put the soil before adding the plants you want to grow.

Instructions to make your own gardening reservoir bins are on here…

DIY Gardening Reservoir Bins

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