DIY Febreze Spray

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The use of non-toxic alternatives is a better solution than a variety of products that contain a lot of harmful chemicals. One product on the market that is touted as a great way to freshen the air, but contains many additives and chemicals is Febreze. A healthier option is a homemade Febreze spray.

A few ingredients are all that is needed to make a Febreze spray alternative at home. You can apply this product to remove mildew, cigarette smoke, and a lot of obnoxious odors. The ingredients needed for the product can be purchased individually or as a blend. This homemade product is cheaper to make than the cost of the real thing.

Any type of spray bottle can be used to apply your Febreze spray. This can be a new bottle or a bottle that contained some other product. Make sure to wash out an old bottle before you add any of the ingredients for your homemade spray.

Information about making a homemade Febreze spray is found on here…

DIY Febreze Spray

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