DIY Electromagnetic Flashlight

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Photo by: “The King Of Random”

This is a fun project. The premise of an electromagnetic flashlight is using stored energy. This can be done by performing an action like shaking to generate an electromagnetic charge.

You need to have a few items on hand if you want to make your own electromagnetic flashlight. The most important is a basic flashlight, a rare earth magnet, and a supply of magnet wire. 

The electromagnetic charge that is created from shaking the flashlight is stored in a capacitor. If you do not have the capacitor wired correctly, then the flashlight will not work. You will know if the flashlight does not work when you turn it on the first time. This means checking the connections to make sure all the parts for your electromagnetic flashlight are set up correctly.

Check out how to make your own electromagnetic flashlight in the video below. Toss a flashlight in your car, backpack and other accessible places for emergencies.

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