Dazzle Party Guests With Glowing LED Balloons

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Like cake, balloons are a celebration staple. They add color to a room and can create an atmosphere of festivity.

The latest twist with rubber balloons is to add small LED lights to each so that it lights up the balloon causing a glowing effect. Imagine how glowing balloons can be used for birthday parties, evening parties, Halloween parties, and more. Click the link below for a tutorial to create your own glowing LED balloons.

Here’s a little trivia info about balloons you can use at your next party:

*The first balloon was discovered by Bartolomeu de Gusmao.
*The earliest forms of balloons were made out of dried animal intestines and bladder and were used by clowns for entertainment.
*Rubber balloons were discovered by the famous scientist Micheal Faraday in 1824.
*Initially rubber balloons were filled with the highly flammable hydrogen gas until replaced with the non-toxic and non-flammable Helium gas.

Click Here For DIY Glowing LED Balloons


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